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Made in the USA. Pure carbon pleated odor reduction air filters for eliminating odors in your home or office. The new pleated design provides 3 times as much carbon media per air filter. Pure carbon air filters absorb and eliminate household odors that may come from pets, garbage, bathrooms, smoke, litter boxes, cooking and other odors. These activated carbon, odor reducing pure carbon air filters consist of a durable non-woven polyester base media infused with a naturally derived charcoal. They remove levels of concentration of gases (voc’s) as well as particulates in the air while maintaining excellent air flow properties. Our pure carbon filters are manufactured using a heavy duty, moisture resistant beverage board frame. There is a metal mesh Support grid bonded to the pleats for extra Support. The air filter media will not Support the growth of mold or bacteria. Pure carbon furnace filters can be used in residents as a stand-alone filter. They can also be used as a pre-filters in high efficiency commercial HVAC units.
  • Helps eliminate odors, voc's and airborne particles
  • 新品、並行輸入品です。Brand new parallel imports from the US.
  • Actual size of air filter: 17 1/2 x 19 1/2 x 3/4
  • 3 times the carbon media for better absorption
  • Approximate merv 8 efficiency rating
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プラチナ1-inch MERV 11エアフィルタ/ Furnaceフィルタ( 6パック) 25x32x1 (Actual Size) FA25X32A_6 6

Nirmala Principal

Pure 14x30x1M12-6 MERV 12 Pleated Air Condition Furnace Filter, Box of 6 [並行輸入品]

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