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Huawei P10 ケース, Translucent Window View Flip Wallet Stand カバー, Shiny Plating Make Up Mirror, TAITOU Smart Sleep/Awake Hard ケース For Huawei P10, Scan QR Package Code, Gold

Scan the QR package code Or Download App Link:
Google Play store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cc.kuapp.kview.mirror

2 Very important Install Steps:
1.please authorize the app when install the app, make the setting well
2.Please choose a theme so that the case can support sleep/wake functions

Point:Translucent folio shiny make-up mirror look like cover

1.the magic mirror app is to activate the sleep/wake function, the app theme is designed for Sleep of phone(The screen sleep, not shut down,it will show the time and date without opening the case)
2.Showing Time is 24 hours when closed
3.Update Weather needs to connect the WIFI or phone's SIM internet
4.Temperature is centigrade temperature

Any questions on the case, please send the message first, thank you very much!!!

Package Includes:
1PC Smart Mirror Flip Case

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